Chest and Triceps Outdoor Workout

This workout is performed using two dumbbells, a resistance band, stairs, and a ledge.

Decline Stair Pushups: Upper Chest

Attempt to mimic performing an incline bench exercise by keeping your hips high and bringing the corner of the step all the way to the clavicle if you can!

DB Handle Chest Dips: Lower Outer Chest

This exercise mimics performing chest dips on two handles with your body suspended. Position your upper body so that your arms are perpendicular with the ground. Stick your butt out and bend your knees and attempt to keep your thighs perpendicular with the ground. Begin with your chest contracted at the top of the range of motion, as you go down slowly stretch your lower outer chest until your knees come close to touching the ground or as low as you are comfortable. This exercise can be used as a lead up to being able to do dips, a drop set right after dips, or a way to be able to focus on activating the chest.

DB Handle Push-ups: Straight forward push

Place two dumbbells on the ground as handles, I prefer a grip between pronated and neutral but anything in between will work. Attempt to touch the dumbbells to your chest for a full range of motion if possible. Using the dumbbells as handles allows us to get an extended range of motion compared to doing pushups on the ground.

Single Arm Chest Fly with Resistance Band

Range of motion and tempo is key with this exercise. We want to be able to get a stretch of the chest while keeping the muscle under tension in the extended position, fully activate the pec throughout the range of motion, and isometrically hold the full activation (especially the anterior portion of the pec) in the extended position. In other words: Go Slow and squeeze when your hand is in front of you!

Triceps Dips of Ledge

This exercise is much different from the Chest Dip variation. For this exercise we want to focus on contracting the triceps, bending the elbows straight back as we go down and straightening them at the top as everything else in the upper body keeps tension. Try to move your body straight up and down by allowing the bend in the knee to change.

DB Triceps Overhead Extension

For this exercise try to keep tension in your triceps by traveling through the range of motion slowly. Attempt to bend the elbows to 90 degrees or further and come up until it is difficult to keep the triceps under tension.

DB Skull Crushers into Close Grip DB Press

Begin lying on your back with your arms perpendicular to the ground. For the Skull Crushers, with a neutral grip try to keep your upper arm perpendicular to ground while you bend your elbows, bringing the DBs down toward the shoulders. Once you've finished the skull crushers, attempt to go directly into the close grip db press by changing the grip to pronated pushing the DBs together and bringing the DBs down until they hit your chest and back up.